About me

I’m a doctoral candidate in computational social science at the Graduate School of Decision Sciences and a research associate at the Center for Data and Methods at the University of Konstanz in Germany. I am also responsible for research and data managment at the Cluster of Excellence "The Politics of Inequality" at the university of Konstanz.

In my dissertation, I analyze social media users' consumption awareness. In particular, I focus on the accuracy of Twitter users' statements about their online activity and the political heterogeneity of their Twitter network. Further, I analyze the normative perceptions of biased news diets. My work utilizes online surveys in addition to analyses of social media data. My dissertation is chaired by Karsten Donnay, Peter Selb and Pablo Barberá. I received both my BA (Major in Sociology, Minor in Statistics) and my MSc (Social and Economic Data Analysis) from the University of Konstanz.

I mainly use Python to retrieve the data used in my dissertation, while I employ SQL-databases accessed via MariaDB to maintain the huge datasets social media data might generate. In order to finally make sense of the data, I utilize R to employ models and visualize my results. Additionally, I use the EFS software to create surveys and experiments, which I complemented in one project with an additional website programmed in Python Flask. To guarantee everything runs smoothly, I utilize the remote Linux servers hosted by BWScope and the University of Konstanz. As I work with sensible data, I also became a semi-expert on data privacy and the regulations of the EU-GDPR.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar, painting, dancing Lindy Hop and other social dances, and spending time outside. As I live in Konstanz, the mountains are close and offer plenty of opportunities to go skiing or hiking.